Other services

There are many activities that are related to our company's operation on the market, but it is difficult to classify them into the categories of services offered. Therefore, we can also offer you services in the following areas:

  • production and assembly of steel structures for stage areas and auditoriums
  • service and revision of stage equipment
  • steel footbridges
  • locksmith work
  • carpentry work
  • production and sewing of party tents and roofing of stages
  • painting social spaces and stage scenes

Stage equipment repairs

Stage equipment repairs

In order for the stage technology to work for many years, certain maintenance is needed, which our company will provide for you on a turnkey basis. Of course, we will also help you with partial actions. If a part or component breaks, we will help you repair it, replace it, or come up with a new solution to prevent such a situation in the future.

We most often help theaters, cinemas and cultural centers in this area. In short, where there is the most traffic. There can be many situations where...

Washing curtains and drapes

If you are interested in professional cleaning of a new curtain or other large theater textiles, we are here for you. Our company provides gentle washing of curtains and theater textiles in a non-alkaline product, including disassembly and assembly.

Our modern technology enables the washing of textiles with a maximum total weight of 40 kg (approx. 120 m2), while we pay attention to the quality and safety of the entire process. If your textiles are worn or damaged, we will also provide...

Revision of stage technique

Revision of stage technique

Our company provides comprehensive revisions of stage moves and stage technology in accordance with the industry standards. These professional inspections are necessary and must be carried out every 2 or 3 years, depending on the specific type of stage operation. Regular load tests are then required every 6 or 9 years.

Our audits include a thorough inspection and condition assessment of all stage technology. We focus in particular on stage pulls, lifting tables, drop boxes as well as curtains...

Baletizol rental

Are you only planning a one-time event, be it a dance (ballet, oriental dance, etc.), sports (aerobics, gymnastics, yoga) or a parade or filming? Take advantage of the opportunity to rent a suitable surface for a fraction of the purchase price. We offer the double-sided Odetta v2.0 surface for rent, which is available in black and gray.

The width of individual lanes is 2 meters and it is possible to rent up to 160 m2. Baletizol has a matte silk surface for easy maintenance, it is very durable...

Functional curtains

Curtains do not have to have only a decorative purpose. That is why we have prepared so-called functional curtains for you, which can significantly improve the reverberation time in acoustically unsuitable halls or rooms or can prevent the escape of precious heat. In the same way, a specially layered curtain can be used to separate rooms in case of noise.

If you decide to use one of these curtains, our technicians will consult with you and recommend the most suitable solution for your...

Fireproof impregnation

Fireproof impregnation

The best solution to a fire is to prevent it from starting. That is why, practically since the beginning of our company's existence, we have concentrated on our own development of impregnation products, and when designing theaters or cinema halls and other cultural facilities, we focus on fire protection and prevention.

You can purchase fireproofing impregnation from us, or order its application directly. We will thoroughly go through your hall, identify all risk areas and apply a different...

Upholstery cleaning with the Tornado method

Upholstery cleaning with the Tornado method

We clean sofas, carpets and other textiles using the special Tornado method.