Fireproof impregnation

The best solution to a fire is to prevent it from starting. That is why, practically since the beginning of our company's existence, we have concentrated on our own development of impregnation products, and when designing theaters or cinema halls and other cultural facilities, we focus on fire protection and prevention.

You can purchase fireproofing impregnation from us, or order its application directly. We will thoroughly go through your hall, identify all risk areas and apply a different impregnation to each material that is flammable, which is specially developed for the purpose. Fire-retardant compounds have different durability and adhesion, so it is important not to use one impregnation, because there is simply no universal.



  • fire retardant with wood and textile certification
  • a fire-fighting compound intended for places where the emphasis is on low cost
  • does not leave stains on treated textiles
  • ecologically sound
  • does not cause destruction of treated textile fibers


Stopfire plus

  • excellent product for synthetic fiber textiles (e.g. 100% PES, Modal, etc.)
  • does not leave stains on impregnated textiles
  • ecologically sound
  • does not affect the aging of textiles



  • the best fire resistant properties on the market
  • does not leave stains on impregnated textiles
  • ecologically sound
  • does not affect the aging of textiles
  • it softens treated textiles and gives them a silky shine


Application of fire-fighting compounds

  • professional application of preparations with issuance of a protocol for state supervision
  • Marking of treated textiles with a mark of non-flammable treatment according to industry standards
  • during application by our company, the preparations are perfumed
  • we provide significant discounts on additional sprays


Additional additives to fire-fighting agents

In addition to our fire retardants, you can order special additives for the care and maintenance of your textiles. All additional ingredients can be applied at the same time together with the fireproof impregnation, which significantly saves time - ours and yours. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for a price quote, you will be very pleasantly surprised.


C-clean cleaning additive

Very effective detergent can clean slightly dusty curtains and textiles. The neutral PH of the finished mixture guarantees colorfastness of the cleaned textile. The C-clean preparation can also be used independently without fire protection impregnation.