Functional curtains

Curtains do not have to have only a decorative purpose. That is why we have prepared so-called functional curtains for you, which can significantly improve the reverberation time in acoustically unsuitable halls or rooms or can prevent the escape of precious heat. In the same way, a specially layered curtain can be used to separate rooms in case of noise.

If you decide to use one of these curtains, our technicians will consult with you and recommend the most suitable solution for your requirements. The most common requirements for functional curtains are acoustic modifications, thermal insulation or even sound insulation. We will advise you on choosing the best solution, in the case of acoustic modifications, we will perform the relevant calculations and measurements.


Acoustic curtains

The acoustics of social spaces, offices, recording studios, etc., can be significantly improved using acoustically absorbing curtains. Fabrics made of natural fibers guarantee absorption aW=0.7 at higher and medium frequencies. It is an effective solution at a reasonable price. The fabrics are available in several weights and in many colors or patterns.


Thermal insulation curtains

A very popular product especially in the winter months. Densely woven insulation curtains and multi-layer composition prevent heat from escaping. Such curtains can be used, for example, to divide large rooms or as window curtains.


Sound insulating curtains

The soundproofing curtain, depending on the design, allows you to dampen the sound by up to 15 dB. The special layering of individual materials dampens and reflects sound back. The curtain versions are three-, five- and seven-ply, with the visible sides of the curtain simply removable and thus maintainable with regular dry cleaning. The technical insert then remains suspended on the travel rail. It is a good idea to consult with us about how to use this type of curtain.