Stage equipment repairs

In order for the stage technology to work for many years, certain maintenance is needed, which our company will provide for you on a turnkey basis. Of course, we will also help you with partial actions. If a part or component breaks, we will help you repair it, replace it, or come up with a new solution to prevent such a situation in the future.

We most often help theaters, cinemas and cultural centers in this area. In short, where there is the most traffic. There can be many situations where something goes wrong and breaks, and that's why we try to prevent them as much as possible. That is why we also emphasize fire protection and apply fireproof impregnations.


Repairs of travel systems

We carry out repairs of broken mechanical and electric curtain drives. Whatever the cause of the defect, our technicians will always find a solution and propose an affordable solution to repair your vehicle. A very desirable solution is, for example, the preservation of the existing electric drive with the replacement of the guide rails, when the repair is solved by the plug&play system. Old rails are replaced with new ones. The advantage is that this solution takes very little time.


We also manufacture components for your existing systems, including:

  • runners for tracks and curtain tracks of the "T" profile 40 mm×40 mm
  • custom production of sliders for "T" and "C" profiles
  • transfer and return pulleys
  • tensioning mechanisms of driving steel and textile ropes


Fixes for stage moves

We carry out complete repairs of stage traction devices. We will carry out the repairs according to your requirements of the revision report and the ČSN 91 8112 standard.


Dismantling and disposal of old moves

If your old and worn traction equipment does not suit you or has not been revised, when you order new traction equipment, we will dismantle the old one and dispose of it in accordance with applicable ecological standards.


Offer for your existing curtain systems and rails

It is not always necessary to spend large sums of money and buy a whole new system of curtain rails with manual or electric control. Repairs or complete overhauls of your curtain control systems will be much cheaper.

  • addition of electric controls for mechanically or manually operated curtains
  • addition of mechanical controls for manually operated curtains
  • replacement of rails and tracks with connection to the original electrical or mechanical control
  • repair and service of engine systems