Revision of stage technique

Our company provides comprehensive revisions of stage moves and stage technology in accordance with the industry standards. These professional inspections are necessary and must be carried out every 2 or 3 years, depending on the specific type of stage operation. Regular load tests are then required every 6 or 9 years.

Our audits include a thorough inspection and condition assessment of all stage technology. We focus in particular on stage pulls, lifting tables, drop boxes as well as curtains and prospect textiles together with their support systems. An important part of the inspection report is a detailed description of the state of the stage equipment and, if necessary, we submit a proposal and repair plan.

In addition to regular revisions, it is also important to perform a revision after installing a new device, which we call a default revision. It is also necessary to carry out revisions after reconstruction or replacement of important components. In accordance with the ČSN 91 8112 standard, other elements such as catwalks, ladders and steel structures are also checked.

Our professional team has extensive experience in the field of stage technology and is trained to carry out complete revisions. We are aware of the importance of the safety and reliability of stage technology for the smooth running of your theater operation. With an emphasis on a professional approach and precise execution, we guarantee that your stage equipment will be in optimal condition and fully functional.

Contact us and leave the revision of stage moves and stage technique in our experienced hands. We will take care of your safety and ensuring that your stage equipment is working properly.