Washing curtains and drapes

If you are interested in professional cleaning of a new curtain or other large theater textiles, we are here for you. Our company provides gentle washing of curtains and theater textiles in a non-alkaline product, including disassembly and assembly.

Our modern technology enables the washing of textiles with a maximum total weight of 40 kg (approx. 120 m2), while we pay attention to the quality and safety of the entire process. If your textiles are worn or damaged, we will also provide tailoring care after washing. Or we will offer you new curtains and other stage textiles.

If your textiles are equipped with a permanent self-extinguishing treatment, we offer you the innovative C-clean technology for cleaning dusty textiles. This cleaning method takes place directly on site and does not require disassembly. With this special cleaning, we issue a certificate on the reliability of the cleaned fabric, which does not transmit or spread flames after the removal of flammable dust.

Your theater textiles are in safe and professional hands with us. With an emphasis on service quality and customer satisfaction, we provide modern technology and a careful approach to preserving and reviving your textiles. Our company is equipped with the best equipment and skilled workers to make your textiles look like new again.

Contact us today for our professional curtain and theater fabric cleaning services. We will take care of their perfect cleaning and restoration so that your cultural facility stands out not only for its artistic content, but also for its great appearance.