Stage technique

We are a leader in the field of stage technology. We manufacture, supply and assemble all stage equipment of the upper sphere of stage technology. All our products have undergone long-term development, which is based on many years of experience in stage operation.

In addition to the assembly of stage equipment and revisions, we are happy to advise you on which equipment, machine or material to choose based on our experience. We will measure the premises free of charge and prepare your project in such a way that it not only works perfectly, but above all it lasts for a long time and without problems. We pay extreme attention to safety on and below the stage, so you can rely on top fire protection, special impregnations and non-flammable materials.


In the field of stage technology, our domain is mainly:

  • electric curtain travel systems, horizon tracks and curtain rails
  • mechanical curtain runners and rails for curtains or horizons
  • scarf arms and stage ceiling brackets
  • gantry poles and stage lighting beams
  • production and installation of stage drives and motorized "cats" or liftket systems

We approach the installation of stage equipment responsibly and use modern technology with scanners and lasers. This technique guarantees the accuracy of assembly, excluding damage to electrical and plumbing distributions and other unpredictable obstacles. Mounted rails can be bent according to customer wishes. We are equipped with our own scaffolding and our technicians are trained scaffolders. Together with the certification for working at heights, we thus meet the demanding requirements of the multinational construction companies we work for, which include, for example, Metrostav, Průmstav, Porr, Switelski and Strabag.


Curtain tracks, curtain rails, horizon tracks

  • complete production and assembly of small and large rail systems
  • electric curtains and horizons with button or remote control
  • electric travel systems with continuous speed control
  • mechanical movements of curtains and horizons
  • paths of horizons and revue curtains
  • silent operation, maintenance-free operation and easy operation


Our offer for smaller stages and spaces

  • electric, mechanical or manually operated aluminum rails
  • design and minimalist solution of rails for small modern stages
  • we paint the interior rails in any RAL shade
  • easy operation, quiet operation and maintenance-free operation


Control of stage systems

We supply and install controls for curtains and stage moves in various designs. Our company assembles its own control system for electric curtain systems via a touch screen or classic control buttons. Simple software guarantees reliable operation of the entire system and easy operation.