Rail and track systems

As a rule, curtains and drapes are a part of every social hall. And since each installation has its own specifics and client requirements are diverse, we are the only company on the market where you can find not only curtain rails of our own production.

However, we keep in stock rails from all over the world without exaggeration. We are ready to satisfy you with affordable project rails as well as design-demanding rails. In historical buildings, where modern aluminum systems are not suitable, we supply classic decorative garnishes made of noble metals, while you can choose from a variety of designs. Brass, copper, silver or even with imitation stone and with an abundance of end caps and brackets that will add the right stamp of nobility to the whole garniture.

If you prefer easy handling with servo drives, electric curtains are the right way to turn ordinary curtains into curtains for the 21st century. We deliver electromotive rails prepared for connection to so-called smart control systems or with radio remote controls. The control can also be connected to classic switches.

If you are planning new curtains and rails for your space, contact our team. We will evaluate your requirements and choose the right type of rail.