Our company will provide you with a complete turnkey delivery and installation of hangings. With us, it doesn't matter whether you need a hangings for one window at home or to equip an entire hotel or cultural center. There is a choice of shading (transparent and semi-transparent) or darkening (Blackout, Dimout), patterned and velvet fabrics in many colors and weights.

The hangings are tailored to the order of the client, and the method of attachment to the curtain wall is always made according to the requirements (flared tape with hooks, looms, garage rings, tarpaulin eyes, etc.). Most materials have certificates of acoustic absorption and non-flammability.

A complete supply of hangings, hangings and rails is also a matter of course. If you need to prevent heat loss or improve the acoustic properties of the room with hangings, visit the Functional hangings page to learn more about this issue.

To find out the approximate price of hangings, you can use our unique hangings and hangings configurator, or contact our employees, who will be happy to advise you and suggest a suitable solution.