Floor coverings

Carpets, stage carpets, balletisols, rugs, vinyl floors. Our company performs professional laying of stage and auditorium carpets incl. polishing, plinths, etc. However, if you need a mobile floor, we will sew the carpet for you and cut the balletizol to size, so you can collect and store it at any time.

The absolute number one among stage carpets is Melody 425. This Ségl type carpet with double woven yarn is characterized by high strength and durability, e.g. when moving and anchoring scenery to the floor with screws. Melody 700+ is also a variant with a rubberized base for better stability during mobile laying on a smooth surface.

Ballet soles, or ballet surfaces, can be used for dancing, ballet, sports, theater performances, parades, etc. The range of uses is expanded by the possibility of permanent, semi-permanent or mobile installation. You can learn more about these surfaces in the section Ballet and dance surfaces.