Curtains and stage textiles

We will provide you with a complete supply and installation of the textile equipment of the halls, in addition to curtains we also supply other stage textiles. We provide expert sewing of curtains, stage textiles, blackout or acoustic curtains. We carry out complete implementations from design to final installation.

A rich selection of cotton velvets or velvets with Trevira CS technology opens up endless possibilities for choosing quality and colors for a given application. We always have velvets for curtains and drapes in stock in 20 shades and a minimum stock of 300 running meters of each shade and quality grade. We offer basic velvets for curtains and drapes in three qualities - Nora 390 g/m² for small or medium curtains and drapes, Claudia 470 g/m² and Scarlet 520 g/m² for medium or large curtains and drapes. The velvets are 140 cm wide and can be supplied with fire protection, which we certify with the test institutes of the Czech Republic.


Wagner curtain

The specific type of Wagner curtain opening requires a specific type of tailoring, including knowledge of the drive mechanism itself. Despite the very small presence of this curtain system in the Czech Republic, we have already participated in successful implementations, e.g. in the Prostějov National House.


French curtains / Parisian curtains

As the only company in the Czech Republic, we offer the production and sewing of French curtains, or of Parisian curtains incl. mechanisms for their control - pulling out. We use the long-term experience gained by sewing classic curtains in the process technology for the production of French curtains.


Painted curtains / Painting canvases

We supply and install festive painted curtains in any size. We sew painting canvases for large compositions using a unique technology with a 50-year guarantee.

We also supply canvases and backing material (100% linen) for painted curtains. We sew custom-made bases for painted curtains, equip them with release loops and mount them in prepared frames. We supply canvases in widths of 150 cm, 220 cm, 240 cm or 300 cm.