Ballet poles

After baletizol, the ballet pole is the basis of every ballet hall. Our ballet bars meet the most demanding requirements of the daily operation of professional rehearsal rooms or dance halls of art schools.

A big advantage is the production of custom-made holders and stands, where you can customize the shape of the holder or its color. We deliver the railing as an oak log, carefully planed and sanded and provided with a colorless coating, so that the handle does not "hair". We manufacture ballet bars with installation in the ground or on the wall. For stands, you can also specify the shape of the bottom base. In addition to the standardized height of 94 cm at the bottom edge of the ballet pole, we also produce ballet poles and stands with individual heights.

The supply of ballet bars and a holder with double installation of handles for adults and children is also a matter of course.

New to our portfolio are mobile ballet bars that you can move around the ballet hall. For selected products, you can again choose the shape of the base. Another option is ballet bars with adjustable height, for universal use.