Ballet and dance surfaces

In earlier times, dance surfaces (floors for dance or ballet) were almost exclusively called baletizol or baletisol. These products can also be used as floors for events or fashion shows.

We supply ballet surfaces to schools, vocational schools, theaters, halls for fashion shows and various events. Choose from the highest quality and affordable ballet surfaces. When choosing them, you can rely on our many years of experience. If you are looking for a balletizol more suitable for home training or if you need a mobile surface, Coppélia® is the clear choice for you. The largest selection of colors and optimal conditions for frequent packing and moving make it the number one seller.

We carry out professional installation of these surfaces in dance rehearsal rooms, incl. relevant floor work.

You can also use the unique combination of balletizol with a soft and highly resistant rubber cork mat, which will make your ballet floor a very comfortable place for training ballet, dance, gymnastics or aerobics. A very suitable combination is with the Coppélia® ballet surface, where you can achieve excellent impact absorption at an even lower price than the most expensive ballet surfaces.

In addition to balletizol, we also supply PVC dance tapes for connecting ballet surfaces, and the Coppélius cleaner, which does not change the optimal sliding properties of the surface, is PH neutral and very gentle on the skin.


Raymonda® - Sprung dance floor

The best solution for professional use and exercises for every day. Our solution has several advantages over folded sprung floors. The most important thing is that the dance floor is completely connected without visible joints, which do not protrude into the ballet surface, thus preventing its premature wear and very unsightly joints. The sprung part based on moss foam glued to the wooden surface offers unprecedented comfort when the dancers impact. Together with the rubber cork mat, which you will appreciate when stepping on it, this is the best professional dance floor.


Mobile laying

Mobile laying is the simplest and cheapest way to start dancing or exercising as quickly as possible. There is no full-surface adhesive between the balletizol and the floor. However, our technicians will ensure that the balletizol fits exactly in the intended location and will ensure that the surface still holds in place. This solution is suitable where it is not possible to permanently connect the balletizol to the floor.


Permanent laying

By ordering a permanent installation, you will ensure your balletizol will last longer and, together with the preparation of the substrate, will also have a very professional appearance. Quality preparation of the base ensures that the ballet floor is as flat as a mirror and that the unevenness of the base is not visible. We give a 30-month guarantee for the installation carried out by our company.


Permanent laying with base layers

If you want more from your dance hall than just a ballet floor, but a real ballet floor, then the solution with underlays is the best for you. Rubber cork mats with a thickness of 3 mm will turn even the most ordinary ballet sole into a surface that every ballet master will appreciate. The rubber cork mat under the balletizol also provides excellent thermal insulation and is therefore also suitable for surfaces where gymnastics, yoga or aerobics are practiced.

Another possibility to increase the comfort of a ballet or sports floor is the installation of a wooden mat with a thickness of 20 mm or 40 mm. Together with the rubber cork mat, you have a first-class floor.