Acoustic insulation

Do you deal with inappropriate acoustics in the recording studio or do you have problems with a long reverberation time in the hall? We will deal with unsuitable acoustics in social spaces. We provide measurements and projects for the acoustic treatment of your premises. We will equip your premises with functional acoustic elements.

A unique acoustic solution in the form of a soundproof curtain will help separate the rooms. We offer acoustically functional window blinds with a sound absorption factor αw = 0.6(H) and acoustically functional curtains with a sound absorption factor αw = 0.7 – 0.8(H).

We also offer pasting of classic stage portals. These are modern, high-quality non-woven fabrics developed with the greatest possible mechanical resistance in mind. Harmony stage materials are perfectly flexible without losing their strength. Other advantages of these materials include the field of acoustics, where you achieve sound absorption where it was previously reflected and thus caused unwanted reverberations. Harmony stage material is especially suitable as a permanently installed stage carpet. However, its properties stand out the most as an acoustic and aesthetic covering of theater portals. In this role, it shows excellent results compared to the often used velvet, which is flimsy under mechanical stress. Especially in the field of theater performances, where the actor's contact with the portal is required, you will not find more reliable material than Harmony. Maintenance is easy. Dry polishing is sufficient for normal cleaning. Our company will perform the installation and gluing in the form of a carpet or portal.


Sound curtain

A professional acoustic solution intended for places where the emphasis is on strict sound separation of two spaces using a velvet curtain. The sandwich composition of the curtain guarantees the absorption and non-transmission of sound between the front and back of the curtain. We produce the curtain in three designs. The 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer variants are capable of attenuation of up to 15 dB in laboratory conditions.

However, the unique solution of the sound curtain also allows for convenient summarization to the sides in case you want to connect acoustically separated spaces.